If you have anything edgy, well-written, and business-related that you’d like to blog about, let us know. We love receiving well-written blogs and other content from our community and to help your chances of being published on professional, high-paying platforms, please read these guidelines before you submit any material. Please note, guest posts on this site are unpaid, but are highly promoted to assist with getting you noticed!

– We are primarily interested in blogs that cover positive thinking, women in business, success stories, leadership, and other related topics. 

– Please make sure that you have written your piece with attention to basic details such as grammar and spelling. If you are a beginning blogger who wants to see their work published and build a portfolio, please reach out to us and we will help.

– When you write for us, try to write with one of our categories in mind. This ensures that you’ve submitted unique content that is interesting to our readers and that enriches our blog.

– If we decide to use your post, we reserve the right to edit it as we see fit. Please make sure your piece is a minimum of 600 words, and if you are submitting images (which is preferred) please send high-quality, free images (nothing under 300 dpi).

– We’re happy to link back to your work, but we won’t link to sites that are inappropriate.

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