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The Performer Mindset

When you hear the word “performance” your first association probably isn’t about mindset.

Big stages, spectacular shows, colors, music, and people who are extremely talented are probably what you imagine.

As it turns out though in order to achieve all of this and more, you need to think in a specific way.

Having the right mindset is essential up from the forming of ideas to the very last moment on stage.

Here we explain in the simplest terms what being a performer means in terms of the state of mind.

What Is It?

Let’s break down the general definition of a performer’s mindset first.

People who adopt this way of thinking are mainly driven by recognition and appreciation.

To them, the end result matters not only because of their personal relationship to it but because it influences those around them as well.

Therefore, many times, their opinion is at least somewhat based on the response others have about their achievements.

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Now, although this has its cons, it can also be rather positive.

For instance, the connection people with the performer’s mindset have with others is often well built and respected.

The reason behind this is that they deem other people’s criticism just as important as their praise.

This shouldn’t, however, lessen the importance of self-evaluation and opinion.

Believing in yourself is, in fact one of the most critical aspects of this mindset.

As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re probably right,” and this couldn’t be more relevant for performers.

Performing & The Growth Mindset

In order to fully understand why these two mindsets are connected, let’s first explain what a “growth mindset” is.

It’s the basic idea that intelligence, creativity, and success are products of hard work instead of innate qualities.

People with this mindset believe that what they have achieved is because of their devotion and that therefore, everything is possible.

Once you adapt to this way of thinking, the concept that there are some things that you can’t do, that there are mountains that are too high to climb, simply becomes invalid.

As opposed to people with a fixed mindset, with enough hard work and dedication, those with growth one can achieve even their wildest dreams.

That means that they can sustain almost a constant state of change and improvement which allows them to be better performers.

What Are Some Of The Benefits You Can Extract?

As most of you would have guessed, there are many positives that come along with the performer’s mindset.

Let’s start with the most obvious one – you’re in touch with your imagination and creativity.

Being any sort of performer, you thrive when you have new ideas and an opportunity to showcase your abilities, and this mindset is perfect for putting you in situations where you have just that.

Suddenly talking with agents or booking a show isn’t an impossible feat, filled with fear, but an exciting time for which you look forward to.

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Another benefit the performer’s mindset has is that it teaches you to love to share your knowledge and skills with others.

You can be a great artist, but you also need an audience, and the more you use this mindset, the more you start appreciating this.

That, in turn, means you’re not afraid of being seen and/or judged.

Criticism is a tough pill to swallow for most people, but performers know that it can be very useful.

And even if the people you share your talents with aren’t acclaimed critics, you’re conscious of their opinions regardless.

This forms beautiful relationships in all sorts of aspects.

Finally, but definitely not less importantly, you enjoy new moments and difficulties.

The entire motivation you need to dive headfirst into a specific thing is that it will be a challenge.

This means that fear rarely holds you back from experiencing what you truly want to, which is incredibly valuable.

The Performer Mindset Overall

So what is the performer’s mindset?

Well, it’s a valuable ideology that provides you with everything you need to show your talents and strengths.

It nurtures creativity, helps you find your way of expression and connection to your audience, and makes you less afraid to go after your dreams.

Even just from these points alone, one can agree that the performer’s mindset is extremely beneficial, not to mention tremendously fun.

So, don’t wait for a second more and start thinking of ways to adapt it to your lifestyle!

Walt Disney once said, “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”. To be successful is to have no limitations, it is to work through all obstacles, to have extreme passion for life, and love for others, and this seems to be the underlying motto of Amber Drake’s life. Drake is a highly accomplished, world-renowned, and published book author, freelance writer and editor, inspirational speaker, an inspiring teacher, a well-reputed canine behaviourist, a canine cancer researcher, and the CEO of Canine Companions. As a child, she was keenly interested in the veterinary field and this interest paved way for her to be the successful businesswoman she is today. Starting with an Associate of Science degree in Biology in 2007 from Jamestown Community College, she has since expanded her knowledge horizon by acquiring a Bachelor of Science in Biology degree with courses from both SUNY Fredonia and Cornell University, followed by a Master of Arts Degree in Education (2011) from Ashford University, a Post-Master’s Educational Certification, and a Doctorate in ABD from the North Central University, Prescott Valley Arizona. Driven by her love for dogs, she regards her company, Canine Companions, as her greatest work-related accomplishment. She wrote the book, ‘Dog Talk: What Your Dog Wants You To Know’ as a comprehensive guide to understanding the behavior of dogs. She has since been involved in numerous writing jobs in the field, varying from writing about veterinary medicine for pet insurance companies to serving as the Co-founder and Vice President at Preferable Pups. She actively engages in content management, copywriting and research work, ghost-writing, and content marketing for organizations around the world. In addition to being an incredibly successful writer, canine behaviorist, and a CEO, she is an educator as well as an experienced curriculum developer. She is a Professor of Veterinary Medicine at Mentoray, where she teaches and develops curriculum. She is also an Adjunct Professor of Professional Sciences at Kaplan University and an Adjunct Instructor of Biology at Jamestown Community College (10+ years). Drake is a woman of many skills. She has been in the freelance content writing field for almost 7 years now with a vast amount of writing experience throughout the past ten years. She is a proficient copywriter, blogger, and has years of experience in content management and development, content creation proofreading, written communication, and correspondence. She has a number of certifications including, but not limited to, Canine Psychology, SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Snapchat Marketing, and Google AdWords. Drake is a woman of extreme passion with great love for her work as a canine behaviourist, writer, and college professor. You can read more about her on her website http:/www.AmberLDrake.org or connect with her on her Facebook page, www.facebook.com/specialistamberdrake.

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