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Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is a term that many of us have heard before. Not surprising because word-of-mouth marketing has been around for as long as businesses have existed.

Social media has taken over the modern business environment and now many companies are trying to gain as many likes and followers as possible to whom they can later market to.

But here’s the thing!

Having 100 loyal and quality clients could prove to be more profitable than having 10,000 followers who are only interested in getting deals and winning gifts.

And that is what word of mouth marketing does for your business -provides quality customers.

But what exactly is word of mouth?

Understanding Word of Mouth Marketing

Imagine you were out shopping and decided to check out a store. When you stepped into the shop, the customer representative received you with a smile and proceeded to show you around the shop.

You then found a great product which after using it, found that it worked perfectly and exceeded your expectations.

Chances are high that you would tell your friends and advice and ask them to try out the product. If they also liked it, they would share it with their friends.

This is word-of-mouth marketing and is simply the best marketing there is.

Why you might ask?

Well, because people trust the recommendations of their friends and loved ones more than any commercial or ad.

Why Word of Mouth Marketing is Important

The first reason why your business should use word of mouth is that people trust those closest to them and are more likely to act on their recommendations.

It is the most effective type of marketing.

Moreover, it is unlikely that word-of-mouth marketing will end after a single interaction. It starts with one person who tells two or more people who in turn continue telling other people.

Now that you understand the importance of word of mouth, how do you use it in your business?

How to Leverage Word of Mouth

Word of mouth marketing is all about connecting with your customers and less about “collecting” as many of them as you can.

Here’s how.

Make something interesting

If you make something average that doesn’t spur the customer’s interest, they are not going to see the need to share.

Only interesting content or products are worth sharing.

But how do you make something interesting?

You can start by doing market research and finding out which products are on the market. Then brainstorm with your team and find something you can create that will wow the market while also providing solutions.

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Provide value

People will only share a product, experience, or service if it offers value.

Think about it for a second!

Would you share that time you experienced a mediocre service at a restaurant or would you share your best experiences?

Chances are it’s the latter. So whenever you offer a product or service always make sure it provides value to your customers.

Arouse emotion

For something to be unforgettable and worth sharing, it should arouse certain positive emotions in the customer.

People are less likely to share something basic or average. Instead, they share something out of the ordinary that sparks a high level of emotions in them.

Final thoughts

Word of mouth marketing has the highest success rate of any type of marketing. This is why your business should leverage on it if it hasn’t done so already. Remember, to succeed at WOMM, you need to create something worth mentioning, offers value, and arouses positive emotions in your customers. Get those things right and you are golden!

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