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Make Money Blogging with SEO Tips

Without basic knowledge of SEO, and understanding of the terms associated, you are missing a large piece of the puzzle when it comes to blog writing for money. Not only are you missing out monetarily, but you are missing how many people your articles reaches… how much your written word touches those you are looking to educate.

Constantly lifting yourself above the competition is one of the best ways to distinguish yourself apart from other freelance writers. It might help you create loyalty and trust with your freelance clients if you demonstrate how you bring a working knowledge of SEO writing to the table.

Understand What SEO Actually Is

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term that refers to the process of optimizing The goal of SEO is to improve how a search engine ranks your website when someone has a question or is looking for a solution to a problem on the internet.

The higher a website ranks in those search results, the more search engine traffic it receives. More traffic can lead to more leads, which can then lead to more sales.

The goal is to get to Google’s first page. Page 1 gives you the most exposure and the best likelihood of someone seeing your material when they search for your keywords.

Know the Keywords Before Writing

Understanding what keywords and phrases are related to the products or services offered by the company that hired you is the first SEO writing advice. Consider the relevant search terms or inquiries that will direct people to the company’s website and product pages when determining these keywords.

For this article, for example, the keywords for Google include:

  • Blogging coach
  • Make money blogging
  • Blogging for beginners
  • Blogging schedule
  • Blogging statistics
  • Keywords in Google

Consider the queries you’d ask if you were a user looking for the services the firm you’re writing for provides to come up with relevant keywords. What issues does the business resolve? What are some indicators that someone might require these services in the future? What goes through someone’s mind when they type something into a search engine?

Check the Keywords in Google Yourself

Before you start writing, do a quick Google search for the keyword phrase and see what existing content comes first on page 1.

Examine the type of material at the top to discover what you need to do to improve and differentiate your content—what will set your post out from the crowd? Attempt to create content that is more thorough, reputable, user-friendly, or current.

Make your material more relevant to the topic by answering more relevant queries, and it will provide greater value and, perhaps, a top-of-the-page position.

Use Headlines if You Want to Make Money Blogging

Take the effort to properly format your article for SEO purposes. It will be easier for Google to index it as a result of this. It’s as easy as using Heading 1 (H1) for the headline and Heading 2 (H2) and Heading 3 (H3) for the phrases that introduce distinct sections throughout your post.

Make sure to include your keywords in these headlines. Include a keyword phrase in the introduction. The headers and the opening will be the most critical parts for Google to see, so make sure they’re optimized.

Your Blog Post May Not Rank Overnight

It’s tempting to produce a captivating, detailed article with relevant keywords, only to be disappointed when your page doesn’t immediately rank at the top of page one.

The technological side of page rankings is complicated, and rankings rarely change dramatically overnight. After you’ve published material, the best thing you can do is keep writing fantastic content for the site you’re working on, share it, and try to obtain connections to it from other related sites.

Continue to be consistent with your material and don’t get discouraged if you don’t notice immediate results.

General SEO Knowledge Goes a Long Way

Remember that being a brilliant freelance writer does not necessitate being an SEO master. Simply remember the importance of incorporating relevant SEO keywords in both the headlines and the body of your articles, and then continue to focus on creating interesting and real content.

Attempt to answer the questions that will attract people to the firm’s website and make it valuable so that they will return when they have another similar query or require the services provided by the company. SEO writing does not have to be a frightening concept or term. A little knowledge may go a long way.

Dr. Drake is an award-winning author and well-known cancer specialist in her field. She is best known for her extensive research on canine cancer prevention and nutrition, her dedication to help dogs live a long, happy life, and for teaching veterinary medicine. As the CEO of Canine Companions Co., the Founder of Drake Dog Cancer Foundation and Academy, and the Co-Founder of Preferable Pups, in addition to being a respected figure in the dog world, she has earned the respect of thousands of dog lovers worldwide.

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