Useful Writing Resources to Help You Achieve Success

There are many resources dedicated to the art of writing and becoming a successful writer. And the number online is growing all the time. Here are some of the best:

1. Writer’s Market

This is the best writing resource available, for a number of reasons. It gives hints, tips and practical advice on all aspects of being a writer, from starting your first work to what to do once you have been published.

It lists paying markets where you can start earning money as a writer. It also breaks down the information into specific types of writing, such as:

  •  Children’s writing
  •  Poetry
  •  Blogging
  •  Short stories
  • And more

In addition, it lists contests, calls for writers, and the latest information on literary agents. Twilight series author Stephenie Meyer got her start from all she learned subscribing to Writer’s Market. Make the most of all the free information at the site and then decide if one or more of their subscriptions is right for you.

Also check out their Paid Services section for chances to write in order to start getting your name recognized in the industry.

2. Writer’s Digest

This is another packed website no writer can live without. It is packed with articles, writers’ challenges, contests, genre-specific advice, and editors’ blogs that can give you real insights on how to break into the world of publishing.

3. Aerogramme Writers’ Studio

This site lists contests, writing opportunities and more – all free.

4. Australian Writers’ Center

They offer many online (and live) courses designed to help with all aspects of writing.

If you haven’t done much writing since you were in high school, or want to learn the tricks of the trade in reference to particular genres, this is a handy and affordable way to boost your skills.

5. Bartleby

Bartleby is like a writer’s reference shelf all in one place, with digital versions of classics, grammar books and more.

If you’re looking for quotations, inspiration, a dictionary, thesaurus and so on, this is the site for you.


The Do-It-Yourself Master of Fine Arts site tries to help you do just that – learn how to be a writer without having to go back to college. It is packed with ideas, hints and tips.

It also has a really fun “Writer Igniter” that gives you a random character, situation, prop and setting to help get your creative juices flowing. Just use the situations given and start writing, or hit the “shuffle” button to get other prompts.

7. Every Writer

This is a rather sprawling online magazine packed with writing hints and tips for every genre. It also has a useful list of writers’ organizations that can help propel your career forward!

8. Quick and Dirty Tips by Grammar Girl

Hated grammar at school? Not to worry. Grammar Girl makes it a lot more accessible at this interesting site.

9. Scribendi

This is the site for all things related to editing and proof-reading. Use the free resources, or explore their paid services to make sure your manuscript is the best can be.

10. Writer’s Relief

For the past 23 years, this site has been helping authors get published. Check out free articles, listings and more, or use their affordable services.

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